Aging is a reality that cannot be ignored, and Fry-Wagner is very proud of our specialized services for Senior moving.  We realize that a move for an elderly person can be life-altering, and most times it’s extremely stressful for the rest of the family as well.  But the number American Seniors is growing faster every day.  Because this is such a large segment of our customer base, Fry-Wagner has created a special service division dedicated to Seniors.

Our professional Senior moving teams will perform a free (no-obligation) in home estimate that’s easy to understand and contains no confusing or “surprise” costs.  Our hand-picked crews assigned to Senior relocations must pass rigorous performance standards and Sensitivity Training classes that include what we affectionately call the “Four R’s:”

  1. Reassure… the Senior and family that safety of their cherished items is Fry-Wagner’s number one focus
  2. Remind… the Senior and family to express any questions or concerns as they arise in the process – their satisfaction is our utmost goal
  3. Relate… to the Senior and family in a patient and dignified manner at all times
  4. Recognize… the Senior’s limitations and frame of mind throughout the move

When the decision arises to relocate a loved one, Fry-Wagner is ready to handle the process for you and reduce the stress and anxiety along the way.

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