Are you looking for a reverse logistics provider? An experienced partner who can manage the transportation and warehousing of product one or more steps backward in the supply chain? If you responded ‘yes’ then Fry-Wagner is your answer! Our view of reverse logistics is simple – we coordinate the process from start to finish – handling the transportation of product accurately and within all time constraints. We even manage the reverse logistics process of transporting your products for return, reuse, refurbish, or disposal – keeping end of life items out landfills and when unavoidable taking advantage of environmentally friendly disposal programs; all the while maximizing product use, minimizing your costs and expanding your profitability margins. We assist with secondary market partnerships, introducing an alternative use for asset disposition.

Fry-Wagner has been in the logistics field for several decades, and one thing is sure true – the equipment, technology and processes have certainly evolved over the years. However the secret to success in reverse logistics is selecting a cross-functional partner that knows the ins and outs of the process, customizes unique solutions tailored to your product needs, and generates quick results. So whether you’re looking for services supporting your return center operations, store de-installations, test repair/refurbishment or even product recycling – Fry-Wagner can handle it! Call us today to learn more about the fast-growing industry of reverse logistics and how Fry-Wagner can assist with maximizing your efficiency.

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