Transporting laboratory, medical or bio-technical equipment takes specialized logistics services performed carefully by experienced movers. Since 2002 Fry-Wagner has been the premier lab-tech equipment mover in the Midwest – primarily because we understand the complexities of shipping scientific instruments and the importance of properly planning and providing the necessary trucks and equipment to transport safely.

Prior to transport, an experienced Fry-Wagner Logistics Consultant will meticulously assess all the equipment to be moved, and develop a detailed schedule for movement of each piece to its new location. We understand that functioning laboratory, medical and bio-technical equipment is critical; so we thoroughly pre-plan and take the time to become familiar with the intricacies of each piece moving.

If the new facility isn’t ready for all the equipment, Fry-Wagner can store it in one of our convenient warehouses until you are ready for delivery.

In preparation for the move, our trained move team can disassemble and blanket-wrap items for transport and reassemble in its dedicated location. All equipment is packed and secured according to manufacturing and industry standards.

Fry-Wagner, in partnership with UniGroup Specialty Logistics, provides transportation logistics management not only for lab-tech equipment but also for biological shipping. We can provide specialized trailers which are temperature controlled with monitoring capabilities, redundant power generators, and air-ride suspension for a smooth undisturbed ride while in transit.

As a steward of our community, Fry-Wagner can also responsibly dispose of obsolete equipment and furnishings.

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