Anytime. Anywhere. That’s the philosophy behind Fry-Wagner’s Brokerage Services Division. Whether it’s across the state or across the country, Fry-Wagner is your one-stop answer. We’ve been providing brokerage services for decades, and the past several years it’s become one of our fastest-growing areas. Our network of service providers includes proven, top-quality logistics professionals ready for any challenge. Fry-Wagner recognizes that every order – no matter how large or small – is critically important. We provide quality brokerage solutions tailored to fit the unique, fast-paced needs of our customers.

Many in our industry are focused solely on the movement of product, not the process details or even the final outcome – and that’s where Fry-Wagner is different. We truly realize that it’s not just about trucks – it’s about solutions, solutions that include not only getting product there on time but also providing all needed documentation and ensuring no damages in transit.

Whatever you need, and whenever you need it moving – Fry-Wagner will devise a unique logistics plan to make it work! Call our Brokerage Division today for a free, no-obligation needs assessment and detailed estimate.

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