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Moving a museum, a collection, a library or laboratory requires specialized handling since within these scenarios are found the most valued and perhaps invaluable items you’d ever want to move. As the curator or owner; don’t take any chances! It is imperative you choose the best professional relocation company with the experience and commitment to handle precious items with care.

Fry-Wagner offers just such handling services customized to meet your needs. We pay attention to the fine details, have professional integrity and expertise, and a vast array of specialized moving equipment. We take extra measures in protection and securing high value pieces when preparing to ship or store them; ensuring each prized possession arrives at destination safely, on time, every time. From antiques to sculptures to canvas masterpieces; our goal is your complete satisfaction.

Specialized handling and equipment is a necessity when moving a library. To be able to un-shelve, transport, and re-shelve thousands of books in a detailed order; as well as de-install and reinstall the shelving in a new facility, takes tight orchestration and organization. Fry-Wagner is proud to say that relocating libraries is one of our fastest-growing business segments! From A to Z, we are your relocation specialists in library moving services. They include:

  • Consultation/Project Management
  • Space Planning
  • Move Related Data Collection
  • Shelving Installation
  • Collection Cleaning
  • Shelf Reading/Labeling
  • Collection Shifts Space Distribution
  • Collection Integration and Segregation
  • Short and Long Term Storage
  • Relocation of:
    • Books and Serials
    • Documents and Shelving
    • Special and Rare Collections
    • Microforms and Non- print Media
    • File Rooms
    • Computers and Audio Visual Equipment
    • Library and Office Furniture
    • Archives

Within a high-profile transition, moving a laboratory or clean room takes special equipment, staff and experience, and can be critical to day-to-day functionality. Fry-Wagner has been moving labs and clean rooms for hospitals, factories and universities, both big and small, for over a century! We are confident in the knowledge and expertise gained over the years, and we respect how important this decision is for your organization. Our Commercial Consultants will collaborate with you to gather the details and scope of the move; customizing and coordinating a step-by-step plan to ensure all delicate items get to their new location safely.

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