Fry-Wagner’s team of office moving professionals have so much experience in relocating businesses that it just makes sense to hire us instead of preoccupying the valuable resources of your company by handling the move yourself. We have been providing office moving services for so long and have encountered so many unique and unexpected relocation requirements that we are always prepared to be flexible in our approach, but still maintain our high performance standards. Our team of Certified Office and Industrial Consultants (COIC) and Project Management pros have planned, managed, and supervised some of the largest and most complex commercial relocation projects in U.S. history; as well as orchestrating many of the smallest.

There are endless circumstances that initiate the need to move an office; cost of square footage, outgrowing the space, an expiring lease, downsizing of staff, remodeling, or consolidating many-into-one. Each move starts by asking the question, “Where do we begin?” And confidently finding the best answer to be, “Call Fry-Wagner!”

We know how to do it right! Along with our professional Commercial Consultants and Project Managers; our thoroughly screened and trained crew members carefully prep the origin and destination locations with building protection, our Movers pack and prepare the building content for moving, and our Drivers secure and safely transport the content to its destination; where a moving crew sets the contents in its new designated location. Over the years we have developed and standardized our office moving method, making the entire process more efficient, effective, and economical for our customers.

Partner with Fry-Wagner on your next office move and we will handle each detail – step by step – providing and executing the best move plan for your relocation. Our valued customers expect and deserve nothing less.

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