The Kansas City Animal Health Corridor, which spans from Manhattan, Kansas to Columbia, Missouri is home to over 300 animal health companies; the largest concentration in the world. Fry-Wagner, your professional laboratory moving company, is located directly in the center of the corridor and is quickly becoming the most sought-after laboratory movers in the Midwest. Our knowledgeable Project Managers collaborate with clients to create a workable schedule for maximum efficiency and minimal disruption of lab operations. Our experienced Supervisors skillfully coordinate the logistics of laboratory relocations to include the appropriate manpower and specialized equipment; whether moving a laboratory within a building, from building to building, or from state to state.

Following is a partial list of bio-tech laboratory equipment Fry-Wagner has successfully moved: Jet Horizontal Bandsaw, Wery Hammermill, Perkin Elmer & Shimadzu Mass Spectrometers, Denver Instrument IR-200, Sartorius Mark 3, Ripon Nut Cracker, Leap Technologies HTS and HTC-XT, Mettler Scales, Continental Encor Autoclave, Thermo Scientific TSQ Quantum Surveyor, Edwards Vac Pump, VWR Mini Vortexer – iKA MD1, Shimadzu & Hitachi HPLC’s , Dwyer Pyro Clean, IKA Basic Torax, Zymark Evaporator, Fisher Scientific Vortexer, Eberbach shaker, Carrag Linomat, Eppendorf Centrifuge, KMF Lab Pump, Molecular Dynamix SF Image Eraser, and the list goes on and on.

Our Laboratory Moving Services include:

  • Custom Crating
  • Electronic Inventory Management
  • Glassware Packing
  • Cleanroom Protocol
  • Decommission and Responsible Asset Dispossession
  • Modular Furniture De-install and Re-install
  • IT Disconnect and Reconnect
  • Records Archival Management
  • Specialized Equipment

Fry-Wagner’s extensive experience in the proper handling and moving of scientific instruments and laboratory equipment is a testament to our attention to detail and professionalism.

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