As experienced industrial movers, we at Fry-Wagner understand the challenges an industrial relocation can pose on any business, whether large or small. Moving a manufacturing plant, a parts warehouse, or a factory can create concerns over excessive costs, coordinating vendors, and detailed pre-move planning. Also down-time is a huge factor!

Fry-Wagner is a knowledgeable industrial mover that works closely with clients to find the best solution that fulfills each specific need. Our professional team of Certified Office and Industrial Consultants (COIC) will provide services within the scope of work along with diverse options which are within your budget and moving timeline. Our goal is to handle your relocation process as smoothly as possible through cohesive collaboration with all service vendors and by working around your company’s production schedule.

Fry-Wagner Industrial Movers at your Service

Having provided moving services to thousands of companies over the past century, Fry-Wagner realizes that a flawless industrial move is critical to a business. We want to keep your company moving – before, during and after the relocation! As your mover we offer comprehensive services including:

  • FREE, no-obligation industrial relocation estimates
  • Collaborative pre-move, detailed relocation planning
  • A pre-move planning, packing and labeling class lead by a COIC pro
  • Coordination of all vendors to proceed through the project in scheduled sequence
  • Orchestration of moving services in adherence to pre-determined timelines
  • A standardized process of moving your plant, equipment and electronics
  • Expert heavy hauling and rigging capabilities
  • Optional asset management services to track and inventory company property
  • State-of-the-art industrial storage facilities
  • Quality relocation service delivered on each and every phase of your move!

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