If you are doing one computer disconnect reconnect in preparation for a commercial move, it’s usually no big deal. But if you’re moving many, many computers, it’s time to call in Fry-Wagner Information Technology (IT) Services! We offer computer disconnect reconnect services for all your computer moving needs. These services are performed by our trained IT team; available any time of the day or night to ensure your important moving project goes as smoothly as possible.

Our disconnect reconnect planning process is simple; Fry-Wagner will meet with your move team and IT department to identify what electronic items need to be relocated, and develop a clear plan with a time-frame for moving all your targeted equipment.

Once move day arrives, Fry-Wagner’s IT team will work closely with your management to ensure we disconnect computers in tandem with your related moving efforts. We will place each computer cable, mouse, keyboard, speaker(s), and other computer periphery in a giant zip bag, secure for transport. All monitors and towers will also be protected and padded for transport.

At destination, Fry-Wagner’s team of technical professionals will unpack your equipment and associated items, reconnect each computer, and upon request can power up to verify computer connectivity. Our computer moving crews are even available for post-move support and welcome desk activities to assist your staff as they integrate into their new work areas.

Why select Fry-Wagner for your Disconnect Reconnect Needs?

This process sounds so easy, so you’re probably thinking you could do it yourself. Why would you need to outsource the process to Fry-Wagner? The answers are simple!

  • Fry-Wagner’s Technical experts will reduce your staff’s downtime! We have this process perfected and can meet the most aggressive deadlines.
  • Utilizing our IT Services will actually save your company money by eliminating any overtime incurred by your in-house IT department. Because our IT team works so closely with our move crew, we will ensure the relocation itself will also go quicker and more efficiently.
  • We are dedicated to service quality and we’re certified in several different platforms. We will be with you from start to finish, ensuring all equipment is reconnected, powered up and if requested component connectivity verified.

Our efforts are not limited to computer disconnect reconnect. We can also store your valuable IT equipment, servers, racks, printers, scanners, faxes, and even software in our state of the art warehouses. We have specialized equipment needed to handle the most diverse IT moving and storage needs you can send our way! Our trained staff is dedicated to your success, and we will consult with you on the most effective and efficient methods to move each high value piece of equipment!

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