Fry-Wagner has convenient secure commercial storage space for your company – whether you have one skid of product or one hundred. Finding commercial storage in an immaculate facility may be hand to come by, but not with us. We have strategically located warehouses throughout the Midwest, with sophisticated sprinkler systems, surveillance cameras, and 24/7 monitoring to ensure your product is safe at all times. With over 500,000 sq. ft. of storage, specialized equipment, and seasoned knowledgeable warehouse personnel; Fry-Wagner offers you complete confidence that your commercial inventory is in the hands of top industry professionals.

We offer a wide variety of storage solutions for our clients. We are prepared and equipped to receive your product from the manufacturer, store it until you are ready for delivery, then deliver from our facility to you or your customer. During your busy season, Fry-Wagner can secure your overstocked items until your in-store inventory is depleted, then with one phone call; we’ll delivery your stock to your door.

Inventory tracking, often a necessity in managing stored assets, is available at our facilities. Fry-Wagner offers comprehensive bar-coded web-based nationwide inventory management tracking with detailed reporting capabilities; accessible to our customers 24/7. Our experienced warehouse staff utilizes inventory management software to ensure proper organization of all commercial storage items, and our facilities are outfitted with specialized equipment to handle every the most challenging request. We’re flexible and will work around your needs and deadlines. We offer:

  • Vault, pallet and rack storage
  • Sensitive equipment storage
  • Industrial parts storage
  • High value product storage
  • Space reservation

Whether it’s a one-time commercial storage need, an on-going contract with supply-chain needs, or combining any value-added moving and transportation services to tailor an option that fits your needs; Fry-Wagner will provide a totally integrated storage solution.

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