The Best Neighborhoods in Springfield, MO

Springfield, MO is a hidden gem that many call home in the Southwestern region of Missouri. Springfield has been growing consistently in popularity over the past few years. This southern Missouri city gives residents all the benefits of living in a big city with a small town feel. The “417” is a great place to call home. Read below to find out which neighborhoods in Springfield MO are the best to move to.

Rountree: Rountree is a quaint, older neighborhood located just minutes from downtown Springfield and Missouri State University. Residents of Rountree tend to make this family-friendly neighborhood their forever home; as some residents have been living there all their lives. This neighborhood is known for its character – where the homes come in all shapes and sizes. Some common styles of homes in this neighborhood are American Foursquares and Craftsman. The average home price in Roundtree is $219,900. Rountree is perfect for young families looking for their start home.

Olde Ivy: If you’re looking for a more lavish and upscale area to call home, then Olde Ivy is perfect for you. Residents of this up and coming neighborhood are usually established in their careers, have families, and love being friendly with their neighbors. According to Olde Ivy residents, almost everyone in the neighborhood owns a golf cart, and it’s their preferred mode of local transportation. You can find Olde Ivy neighbors at the local farmer’s market on Saturday mornings, throwing neighborhood barbeques, or flocking about near the natural spring located behind some of the homes. The average home price in this neighborhood is $482,450.

Midtown: Midtown is Springfield’s most historic and nationally-recognized district. There are many amazing and affordable historic homes available. Young families find Midtown not only an affordable area to live, but also a safe one. Many Midtown residents enjoy walking their children to school, spending time in nearby parks within walking distance, and simply lounging on their front porch. This famous neighborhood is also known for its annual Victorian Christmas Homes Tour. Springfield residents flock to the area to view all the remarkable homes decked out in beautiful holiday lights and décor. The average cost of a home in Midtown is $67,900.

Downtown: Downtown is perfect for young singles and college students. There is so much to do and see! Famous restaurants, bars, and businesses are on every corner, which always gives residents something to do. Those who live in downtown Springfield claim they can walk to almost anywhere. This area is especially popular amongst the college kids who attend Missouri State. There are many different styles of homes available. Whether you are in the market for a single family home or an industrial loft, Downtown Springfield has it all. The average cost of a home in Downtown Springfield is $145,000.

Ozark Heights: Ozark Heights is a neighborhood full of fun activities! This neighborhood, located just east of Springfield, is full of life, and its residents always know how to have a good time. Every year this neighborhood has a friendly Christmas décor competition. They also celebrate Halloween by handing out goody bags to all their neighbors. Nearby you will find a community pool, basketball courts, tennis courts, a playground, pavilion, walking trail, and a lake. It is hard not to be active in this community! The average price for a home in Ozark Heights is $347,400.

Overall, Springfield has a lot to offer anyone who is looking to settle down in the area. There are so many different neighborhoods for new residents to call their home. No matter what type of home or neighborhood you’re looking for, Springfield MO has something to fit your wants and needs. If you’re planning an upcoming move to the area contact the professional Springfield MO movers at Fry-Wagner for more information, or set up our free in home estimate today!




Moving Into a New Home: How to Establish a New Routine

Moving to a new home is an adjustment for everyone. It can be stressful and difficult at first to get settled into your new surroundings. Even though many aspects of your life may stay the same, the environment you will spend most of your downtime in is completely different. This can make it hard to establish a new routine. Below you will find some quick tips on how to begin a fresh routine that will make your life a little easier as you settle into your new home.

Get a Calendar: Calendars are key to keeping life in order! Even if you are a frequent user of the calendar on your phone, a physical paper or dry-erase calendar is a must-have in your new home. You can easily keep track of all your important dates and display it for everyone to see, so no one is out of the loop.

Create a Chore Chart: Establishing chores can be one of the hardest things to do when trying to settle into your new home. Create a chore chart with a list of chores, so everyone in the home has something to do on a designated day; allowing you to worry about things that are more important.

Create Checklists: Checklists allow you to make a list of all the things you have to do in a day. Whether it be appointments, chores, practices, work, etc. You can check these tasks off throughout the day to help keep your routine in check.

Think Ahead: Make your days a little easier by prepping for the next day to come. Pick out clothes the night before, pack lunches, prep dinner, etc.

Test Drive your Routine: Practice your new routine for at least 30 days to see how well it is working for you. Change your routine up if needed and adjust accordingly.

Getting settled into a new home with a new routine will take some time. It is important to find a routine that works well for you and your family to ease the stresses of daily life. For more helpful moving tips, or information on how to plan your upcoming move visit us today!

The Top 5 Trending Housewarming Invitations

A housewarming party is an important celebration for new homeowners all over the world. With ancient origins, the housewarming party is something that is celebrated in thousands of countries. Although various cultures have different traditions surrounding this gathering, one thing remains the same – guests need an invite! In the U.S., homeowners are getting more and more creative when it comes to sending out the official invitations to their housewarming parties. Check out the current top five trending housewarming invitations below!

The Moving Box Announcement:

This cute and creative invitation is fun, visually appealing, and goes along perfectly with the theme of a big move. Guests will rave about the creativity and how fun the invitation was to open! You can purchase these out of the box invitations here.

Paint Swatch Invitation:

This invitation has been trending all over social media! The paint swatch invitation is simple, appropriately themed, and you can even make it a DIY project if you’re on a budget. Head to your local hardware store and pick up a handful of your favorite paint swatches (which are free), write or print your information onto the swatch and send to your guests! For inspiration on how to make your paint swatch invitation click here.

Edible Invitations:

If you feel like going the extra mile and want to show off your baking skills, try sending an edible invitation! Bake cookies shaped like houses or other things that relate to a new home. Package your cookies in a clear plastic gift bags, and attach a small card at the top of the bag with all your necessary party info on it. For more home sweet home treats click here.

The Classic Evite:

The evite is perfect for those who aren’t looking to spend a lot of time or money on the invitation and want to focus their efforts on the actual party details. Hosts can easily create simple and free invitations online. This allows the host to post their invite on multiple platforms and send to groups of people without all the hassle of tracking down everyone’s mailing address. You can create a free image for you evite here.

The One Pager:

The basic one page invitation is the classic way to send an invite for your housewarming party. You can choose whatever design you like and include all the necessary info needed to make your party a success!

Planning a housewarming party after a move is exciting! Start your gathering off on the right foot by sending out memorable invitations! For more information on housewarming parties or if you’re planning an upcoming move, reach out to Fry-Wagner today to learn more about all the services we can offer you.

10 Tips on How to Pack Your Car for College

College students all over the country are buzzing with excitement as the upcoming school year is just days away. For many, it may be their first time moving into a dorm or apartment, so it is important to make sure your student is prepared and packed with all the necessary items. More importantly, everything they are planning to bring will need to fit in your car! As professional movers, Fry-Wagner put together a list of helpful tips on how to pack your car for the big college move-in day.

  1. Consolidate & Purge: As packing begins, take an inventory of the items being brought to college. Do you actually wear those shoes? Do you really need that memento at school? Dorm room spaces are often tight, so bringing only the necessary items will help you avoid a cramped space.
  2. Coordinate with Roommates: Reach out to future roommates and see who is bringing which larger items. Not only is space tight, but coordinating on pieces such as TVs, dorm refrigerators, and printers can help save money during an expensive time.
  3. Avoid Bringing Large Furniture: Furniture can be extremely bulky and take up unnecessary space. If you plan to take certain pieces of furniture, make sure it is dismantled and in a box to save space. The best thing to do is to buy your furniture after move-in day. Waiting will give you more room to transport your items, and your student will have a better idea of what will fit and look best in the new space.
  4. Use Totes: Totes are a great way to transport items, and they double as storage space that can be used throughout the school year. Unlike boxes, totes easily stack on top of one another without falling over during transport, making it easy to load the car and saves space. 
  5. Pack Smart Not Heavy: People often assume that the fewer boxes there are, the easier the unload. Less boxes can mean heavier boxes, and heavier boxes means more tiring work. Students likely have to carry their items up a flight of stairs at some point, so the smarter everything is packed, the easier the unload.
  6. Save Space: There are tons of space saving solutions that can be used as an alternative to some typical household items. A few of these space savers include, collapsible hampers, stackable crates, fabric cubes, collapsible ottomans, etc. These items can be folded and placed in between boxes and totes to hole them in place or filled with essentials.
  7. Minimize the Number of Passengers: Although many family members and friends would like to tag along for the big move-in day, it is important to keep the number of passengers traveling to a minimum to save room for your student’s belongings.
  8. Balance the Car: It is important to make sure that you are not putting too much weight on one side of the car. This can put strain on your vehicle. Try to distribute the weight of your items equally by putting heavy and light items on each side of the vehicle. 
  9. Fold Down Seats: Utilize not only your trunk space, but the space inside your vehicle by folding down as many seats as you can to fit more items.
  10. Strategize: Plan out your loading and unloading process. Put items that will be needed first toward the front of the packed car to ensure these items are unloaded first. Check the weather, so you can dress and plan accordingly. Designate jobs during the unloading process, so everything can move smoothly.

College move-in day is exciting! Make your move process a lot easier by packing your car perfectly. If you are planning a larger move, feel free to contact your friends at Fry-Wagner to see how we can help! Best of luck this school year!




Out of the Box: DIY Eclipse Viewer

The much anticipated solar eclipse of 2017 is just around the corner, and the whole world seems to be in a frenzy! Retailers both online and in stores are nearly sold out of all their eclipse glasses, which will make viewing the eclipse harder for some individuals. There is another way to view the eclipse! Fry-Wagner put together a quick tutorial on how to make your very own eclipse viewer out of leftover moving boxes. Check out our video and the steps on how to make your eclipse viewer below!


1 medium box (the longer the box the better)

Tape (Duct, or electrical tape works best)


Box Cutter


Push pin/thumbtack

1 sheet of white paper

Step 1:

Find a medium sized box and tape up all the cracks to ensure no sunlight will get through.

Step 2:

On one end, cut out a rectangle near the top of the box.

Step 3:

Cut out a circle big enough to fit your head through on the bottom of the box.

Step 4:

Using a piece of foil, cut out a rectangle slightly larger than the rectangle you cut into the box.

Step 5:

Tape the edges of the foil down to the outside of the rectangle.

Step 6:

Using a push pin or a thumbtack, gently poke a small hole into the middle of the foil.

Step 7:

Tape a piece of white paper to the inside of the box, opposite of the foil.

Step 8:

Once complete, tape the top of the box shut.

** When using your eclipse viewer, place your head in the hole at the bottom of the box, face the white sheet of paper, and look for the image projected onto the paper.

Remember to always be safe when viewing any kind of eclipse! We hope your homemade eclipse viewer will come in handy, so you can witness this amazing experience. Stay tuned for more Out of the Box blogs, to learn more about all that you can do with your leftover moving boxes!

Moving on Up! Welcome Tressa Nibert to the Team as Fry-Wagner’s new Receptionist!

The Fry-Wagner – St. Louis branch is proud to officially announce Tressa Nibert as our newest receptionist!

Last Monday, August 7th, 2017 Tressa began her journey with Fry-Wagner. Before her work with Fry-Wagner, Tressa was previously a stay-at-home mom. When we asked Tressa what she is most excited for in her position she stated, “I am excited to be at a great company, to continue to grow, and to learn more about the business.”

Tressa’s day-to-day tasks include greeting co-workers and guests, answering and directing incoming calls, mail distribution, other clerical tasks, and helping customers/co-workers with anything they may need. In her free time, she enjoys working out, cooking, playing with her dog Henry, and spending time with family – especially her son.

“My favorite thing about working for Fry-Wagner, so far, is the fact that all my co-workers are very welcoming and make it a positive work environment.”

Tressa is conscientious, enthusiastic, and easy going. We are lucky to have her on our team!  Fry-Wagner continues to reward and expand the roles of our Employees, Administrative Staff, and Management Team in our never ending quest of “getting and keeping customers.” Keep up the wonderful work Tressa! We love to see our employees prosper and grow within our organization.

Please join us in congratulating Tressa on her new role!

How to Pack Books

Packing books can be a difficult task when it comes to moving. Books are heavy, made of different materials, and are different shapes and sizes. The more books you have, the more boxes will be needed to pack them, which can cause clutter and stress throughout your move process. Check out our quick tips on how to pack books below, so you can pack easily and efficiently!

Purge Unwanted Books: The fewer books you have to pack, the better! Donate or sell any books you do not intend to read anymore. It will save you a lot of time and will make the packing process easier!

Grab a Box: Once you have selected the books you intend to take with you, find a medium sized box. Make sure the box is sturdy and does not have any holes, rips, or punctures. Fill the bottom of the box with packing paper to create a barrier of protection.

Pack Smart: Properly distribute the weight of your books by packing books in similar weight and size with their spines alternating up and down.

Pack Carefully: Any valuable books you have such as expensively bound books, original editions, special editions, or books with sentimental value like photo albums should be separated and individually wrapped with packing paper. It is recommended that you stick a piece of cardboard in between each of these books to help keep their shape during the move.

Pack Light: Books are heavy! Be sure to distribute the weight of your books evenly so your boxes are easy to carry. The weight of the boxes can add up fast, so it is important to not over pack your book boxes.

Packing books can be easy, if you follow our steps above! For more information on packing tips or planning your upcoming move, contact us today!

The 7th Annual Wendy Knop Memorial Golf Tournament

On Saturday, July 22, 2017, Fry-Wagner Moving & Storage hosted our 7th Annual Wendy Knop Memorial Golf Tournament. This year, our tournament was in support of Reese Werner, a 4-year-old cancer patient who sadly passed away this June. We had an incredible amount of a support from our sponsors, donors, players, volunteers, employees, friends and family!

We were humbled by the amount of charity demonstrated throughout this process and were honored to host a total of 140 golfers, 15 volunteers, a multitude of sponsors, and friends and family of Wendy Knop, Cheyenne Miller, AJ Fisher, and Reese Werner. All proceeds from the tournament will be donated directly to Reese’s family, who are thankful for all the thoughtfulness demonstrated towards them during this very difficult time.

The success of this tournament is only possible because of all the amazing support we received. Despite the hot summer weather, everyone had a wonderful time and gave Reese’s family a memorable experience. We hope to have an amazing turn out again next year. Thank you to everyone who supported our cause!

Moving with Kids: 5 Tips to Help Them Adjust to Your New Home

Moving is something that most of us will experience at least once in our lives, and it is one of the most stressful life events. Unfortunately, moving has a more significant impact on children rather than adults. If you are planning a long-distance move with children, it is important to take the right steps to ensure they are adjusting properly to their new environment. Check out our five tips on how to help your child adjust during the moving process!

  1. Focus on the Positive: Children tend to focus on all the negative aspects of a move such as leaving their home, going to a new school, not seeing their friends/teammates, etc. It is important to remind them of all the positive things that come with moving to a new place. Focus on new opportunities such as: making new friends, getting involved in new activities, playing on a new (maybe even better) sports team. There is a lot to experience in a new place, so it is important to get kids excited for the possibilities.
  2. Take your Child to your New Community: Familiarize your children with the new community by taking a special trip to show them around the area. Drive around town and look at all your new town has to offer. Get the children excited about new places to visit such as restaurants, museums, arcades, etc. Remind them that you are also excited to live in this new place and experience all it has to offer.
  3. Get the Kids Involved: It is important to make sure your child’s voice is heard throughout the entire move process. Keep an open line of communication with them, and be sure to check in and ask how they are feeling about the move every once in a while. Involve them throughout the entire process by letting them house hunt with you, help pack, pick out paint colors for their new bedroom, etc.
  4. Keep in Touch: Encourage your children to keep in touch with their old friends via email and phone calls. To help them say goodbye, host a going away party for your child and their friends, and take photographs and keepsakes with you to help your children remember them by.
  5. Get Involved in the New Community: It is important for children to be social, especially when transitioning into a new school. Introduce them to new kids in the neighborhood, encourage play dates, sign them up for sports or local activities. Visit your local community center, YMCA, or Boys’ and Girls’ Club to find out what activities you can get your child into.

It is important to keep your child’s interest in mind when moving to ensure that they have an easy transition into your new home. For more tips on moving with children visit us or contact us to schedule your free in home estimate!

Moving on Up! Fry-Wagner Associate Chrissy Morris Promoted to Staff Accountant

The Fry-Wagner – St. Louis branch is proud to officially announce Chrissy Morris as our newest Staff Accountant!

Last month, Chrissy Morris was promoted to the role of Staff Accountant from Accounts Receivable at Fry-Wagner’s St. Louis branch. Chrissy’s promotion is well deserved due to her leadership skills, dependability, and dedicated work ethic.

Chrissy started her journey with Fry-Wagner 3 years ago as an Accounting Intern. Graduating from Florissant Valley Community College with her Associate’s in Accounting, Chrissy went on to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Missouri – St. Louis. In search of a stable and rewarding profession, Chrissy found that accounting was a good fit, due to her love of math and numbers. She believes it is important to always diversify your knowledge base and look for opportunities to learn outside of your comfort zone. 

Chrissy is an upbeat and positive individual, and her favorite aspect of working for Fry-Wagner is her co-workers. Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her cats. Chrissy and her husband also enjoy going on hikes and finding new places to explore and photograph.

Chrissy’s enthusiasm and hard work makes her truly deserving of this achievement. Fry-Wagner continues to reward and expand the roles of our Employees, Administrative Staff, and Management Team in our never ending quest of “getting and keeping customers.” Keep up the wonderful work Chrissy! We love to see our employees prosper and grow within our organization.

Please join us in congratulating Chrissy on her new role!