The Fry-Wagner story starts back in 1908 when Mandel Fry opened the company’s first facility in St. Louis, Missouri. In a year when Henry Ford’s Model-T revolutionized American transportation, the wheels began to turn for the Fry family as they unveiled their relocation company using horse and wagon to transport their customers’ household goods. Business grew rapidly over the years, and Mandel Fry handed the reigns over to his son Isadore after World War II.

The business continued to grow, and by 1981 Isadore’s son and then-Company President Milton Fry opened a second location in Kansas City, Kansas.

The 1980’s saw Fry-Wagner join the United Van Lines’ agency family (1984) and strategically expand further by opening locations in Missouri in the 1990’s.

Today Fry-Wagner is a 4th-generation relocation giant led by President Larry Fry, dispatching over 500 pieces of equipment daily across the country.

The company offers a diverse menu of services including household goods moving and storage, commercial relocations, logistics, warehousing, distribution and record and data storage. The methods by which companies transport goods may have changed over the years, but the skill and dedication Fry-Wagner’s professionals demonstrate has not. Our Company Vision is simple – we’re dedicated to providing relocation solutions for people and businesses moving through life.

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