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Social Responsibility is defined as an “ethical theory that an organization has an obligation to act to benefit society at large.” At Fry-Wagner, we think we’ve taken this definition to a new level. Not only are we committed to our customers, but we’re committed to the communities we serve and our planet we inhabit. We are happy to be one of the only relocation companies around that has the acreage on our sites mowed, baled, and donating the hay to local farmers. We are also pleased to be a business partner with one of the largest computer recycling centers in the country.But we don’t stop there – every decision we make and every project we enter into is designed to consider “green” opportunities.

Active Recycling

As a conscience company, Fry-Wagner:

  • Recycles and re-uses paper and corrugated cartons
  • Uses “smart” packaging techniques to reduce paper usage
  • Has taken a “light pledge” whose efforts allow Fry-Wagner to use two-thirds less energy than prior lighting practices, and in the process significantly reduced our company’s greenhouse gas emissions
  • Uses Data Loggers to monitor temperatures in our facilities, resulting in dramatic drops in electricity usage from year to year

As a conscience service provider, Fry-Wagner assists Commercial Customers with surplus assets by:

  • Offering data destruction and responsible computer disposal or re-purposing
  • Furniture disposition by means of resale or donation
  • Exploring avenues to keeping ‘end of life’ items out of landfills if possible

Each step we take to be a better green moving company motivates our team to stay on the leading edge of corporate citizenship and social responsibility.Together we can make a difference!

In the Neighborhood

If you live near one of our Midwest facilities, there’s one thing about Fry-Wagner you need to know. We are committed to being active in the neighborhoods we serve – regularly participating in local charity drives, fundraisers, and community events. Fry-Wagner has deep ties and a strong bond with our neighbors. Known as a long-term fixture, we have an interest in working with companies nearby, investing back in the local marketplace. Our commitment to community is strong whether in good times or bad.From spearheading clean-up efforts after tornadoes, floods, and fires, or simply coming to the aid of a family that’s fallen on hard times, Fry-Wagner is here to lend a helping hand. You’ll see our trucks and even members of our friendly staff out working the cause on a regular basis. And we’re not stopping!Year after year, you can rest assured Fry-Wagner will be nearby if you need us!

Collecting Food for Move For Hunger

It’s incredibly alarming to learn how many of our neighbors nearby have fallen on hard times in recent Move for Hungeryears.The numbers are staggering, and they’re only getting worse as poverty increases – along with hunger – in the United States. Hunger, especially in that of our children, is a year-round issue that requires year-round solutions. Today the trends show 1 in 5 American children go to bed hungry each night. As a socially responsible relocation company, Fry-Wagner is committed to helping those less fortunate. We have joined forces with the humanitarian relief effort called Move For Hunger which enlists relocation companies like Fry-Wagner to pick up unwanted, non-perishable food items from our relocating customers.Once collected, we deliver the food to local food banks. What a great partnership it’s becoming!

Fry-Wagner, one of the largest relocation companies in the country with a fleet of over 500 vehicles, matching resources with a non-profit that’s already moved over 2.4 million pounds of food to those Americans in need!

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