How is Fry-Wagner different from other movers?

Our crew members are our employees not temp-laborers. We have a reputation for not only hiring the best workers in our markets, but retaining a strong group of trained and experienced Drivers, Movers, and Packers. We provide quality incentives to our crew members, such as pay raises based on their performance; which is appraised by YOUR feedback on the post-move surveys we collect.

With the help of padding, floor-guard, and shrink-wrap; our crews are committed to protecting your house and belongings, throughout the moving process and while in transit.

Our dedication to quality service shows in everything we do. We are proud of our Better Business Bureau “A+ Rating” and “Torch Award” designation. In addition, we have won the United Van Lines’ Customer Choice Award 12 consecutive years by consistently performing in the top 10% of all United agents nationwide.

I’m doing my own packing. Are there any items I shouldn’t pack?

Yes. Our Drivers will not take any paint cans, flammables, or aerosols of any kind. If something like this was in your shipment and got loose or punctured, it would not only damage other things but it could explode!

I’m doing my own packing. What items go in which boxes?

A good rule of thumb is “the heavier the item, the smaller the box you pack it in”.

What is Valuation?

Valuation is the amount of coverage you elect to purchase while your items are in transit. You have the option of electing full-value protection which is equal to $6.00 x the estimated weight of your shipment.

What should I put on the High-Value form?

The High-Value Form is for items that you believe are valued at more than $100.00 per pound. These items need to be red-flagged by our Packers and Driver so everybody involved in your move understands and is aware how valuable they are to you and your family.

What is a delivery spread?

The Delivery Spread is a transportation term meaning the moving company’s window of opportunity to deliver your items to your new residence. You or a designee will need to be available for the possible delivery of your items on each day of the delivery spread. After our Driver loads your items, your Coordinator will communicate with you on a daily basis to give you the specific date within the spread your items will be delivered.

Do I need to be here all day while the movers are here?

Yes. Either you personally or someone you trust that is 18 years or older that can serve as a representative in your absence must be present.

How will the Driver keep track of my items?

On move day you will see that your Driver assigns a color-coded numbered inventory sticker to every item or box that is moving. This is why it is important for you to check off every item on the inventory sheet during delivery to ensure all items loaded on the truck are delivered at destination!

Will my items be the only ones on the truck?

Typically your items will NOT be the only ones on the truck, however the Driver will build a safe-wall (usually with your mattress cartons) to delineate your items from those of others in the truck. This ensures nothing gets lost or misplaced during each delivery.

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