Out of the Box: DIY Headstone


Halloween is just around the corner! If you want to make your house one of the spookiest on the block, these DIY headstones will turn your average front yard into a creepy graveyard. Follow our steps below to create your very own headstone!


  • Medium size cardboard box
  • Box cutter/scissors
  • Pencil/marker
  • Tape
  • Paint

Step 1:

Using a pencil, draw the desired shape you would like your headstone to be. Repeat this step on another piece of cardboard equal in size.

Step 2:

Cut along the outline of the shape you drew. Repeat this step on the other cardboard piece.

Step 3:

Fold the bottom of both cardboard pieces upward.

Step 4:

Tape the bottom of the two cardboard pieces together.

Step 5:

Tape the two sides of the headstone together to provide support.

Step 6:

Tape a piece of cardboard that is the width of your open sides to each side of the headstone.

Step 7:

There should be an open slot at the top of the box. Place a bag of rocks in this opening to weigh down the headstone.

Step 8:

Place another piece of cardboard over the opening and secure it to the headstone.

Step 9:

Paint and decorate as you desire.

Step 10:

Display in your yard for everyone to see!

For more fun DIY projects or to receive a free in-home estimate for your upcoming move, visit us today! Happy Halloween!