Out of the Box: DIY Cardboard Planter

Earth Day is just a few days away, which means it is time to celebrate all the great things that Mother Earth has to offer! At Fry-Wagner, we are committed to sustainability and going green to improve our environment. This month, we wanted to share with you another great way to reuse your moving boxes by converting them into something good for the environment! Check out how to make this DIY cardboard planter.


Cardboard Box (any size)


Writing Utensil

Box cutter/scissors



Decorative Options (paint, glitter, etc.)

Step 1:

Select a large piece of cardboard to draw the geometric shape of the planter on. Using your ruler, draw a triangle that is 10 cm in length and width. Repeat this step accordingly until you complete the pattern. You can find the template for reference of the pattern that we used here.


Step 2:

Once the geometric shape is drawn onto your cardboard, cut out the shape, following the lines on the outer edge. Do not cut any of the internal triangles.

Step 3:

Using your box cutter, or the tip of your scissors, score the inner triangles so they are foldable. Do not cut all the way through.

Step 4:

You will notice there are five corners where a triangle is missing. Fold the sides of the missing triangles in to join them to an actual triangle. Using your tape, tape the seal shut on the inside. Repeat this step until the geometric shape is formed.

Step 5:

Decorate as you please. For this planter we chose to paint and fill the folded cracks with the same yarn that will be used to hang it.

Step 6:

Punch holes in the front left and right sides, and the back left and right sides. Using the yarn, cut two long pieces. String the first piece through the front two holes. Secure the yarn by tying the loose ends of the yarn together. Repeat this step for the back two holes.

Step 7:

Insert your plant of choice. For this planter we used small Marigolds that can be found at any local nursery or store that sells plants. Place the flowers either in a can with some potting soil, or use the container they already come in. Remember to remove the plant from the cardboard planter when watering to prevent the cardboard from getting wet.

If you choose to plant an outdoor plant in your planter, remember to hang your planter in a dry space outside, possibly under an awning to prevent damage to the planter from rain.

We encourage everyone to get out and do something outdoors this weekend to celebrate Earth Day! For more DIY projects or information on how we are keeping our environment clean with our sustainability efforts, visit us today!