Out of the Box: DIY Pretend Washing Machine

       With spring just around the corner there may be some rainy days ahead, which means the kids might be stuck inside and you’ll be faced with the daunting cry of “there’s nothing to do”! This DIY project is perfect for the little ones who may need to release some creative energy. Check out how we re-purposed a few of our leftover moving boxes to make this fun DIY make-believe washing machine!


2 medium size boxes

1 small laundry basket

2 Styrofoam cups

1 marker

Scissors or box cutter


Decorations of your choice

Step 1:

Place the laundry basket upside down on top of the box, and trace the outer edge of the basket.

Step 2:

Using your box cutter, cut along the line you have traced. If you would like your laundry basket to be removable, cut on the inside of the line so the basket will fit snug in the box.

Step 3:

Tape down the edges of the laundry basket to secure it in the box (if you choose).

Step 4:

Using your other box, cut two rectangular cardboard pieces, one to fit the length of the box, and the other to fit the width. Tape the longer piece to the back of the box, and the wider piece to the top of the box (this will be the lid).

Step 5:

Take the two Styrofoam cups and cut them in half. Trim the jagged edges, only the bottom of the cup should be left. Glue the two pieces to the longer piece of cardboard that you taped to the back of the box (these will be the knobs).

Step 6:

Decorate the box as you please to make it visually appealing!

      This fun and simple craft will not only help you get rid of your leftover boxes, but it will also keep the kids busy and teach them invaluable laundry skills! Do not forget, not only will Fry-Wagner come to do a debris pickup and remove all your leftover moving boxes, but we also move washing machines! In fact, we move all appliances! Contact us today for more details.